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#Leadwell Virtually Tip of the Week – Purposeful Connectedness

We all know relationships take effort.  “Out of sight, out of mind.” It’s the same for our work relationships.  We need to make the effort to connect with others to maintain and build relationships.  It takes work. We need to be purposeful in our connectedness in these three ways. Being Purposeful in Who You Connect [...]

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#Leadwell Virtually Tip of the Week – Routines

Routines keep us going, give us a framework to get things done.  They are basically our schedule of getting things done. With recent changes – new routines were created spontaneously – now it’s time to evaluate and see if your new routines are working. Key Questions to Ask Yourself As you look at your day [...]

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#Leadwell Virtually Tip of the Week – Balanced Communications

As leaders we know that we must overcommunicate during times of change and uncertainty.  We are currently faced with both. But we should strike a balance with our communication, being fluid as the challenges ebb and flow. There needs to be more communication but not so much that employees are overwhelmed.  A daily team huddle [...]

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