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Leadership Learning Moments

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What’s Your K-Cup Coffee Management Style?

by Michael Holland -  This morning, I brewed a fresh cup of coffee on our Keurig brewer, as I have done many times before. As I watched the coffee trickle into my cup, I began to think about the many different flavors of coffee that are available. In many offices today, you have access to [...]

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#Leadwell Virtually Tip of the Week – Balanced Communications

As leaders we know that we must overcommunicate during times of change and uncertainty.  We are currently faced with both. But we should strike a balance with our communication, being fluid as the challenges ebb and flow. There needs to be more communication but not so much that employees are overwhelmed.  A daily team huddle [...]

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3 Ways to Convert Leadership Mistakes to Wisdom

by Michael Holland -  In 1994 I made a classic management mistake. It involved a very stressful job, a struggling team, and two bags of marshmallows. The short version of the story is that a consistently tardy team member to critical team meetings received a barrage of marshmallows when he arrived late again to our [...]

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Are You Learning to Lead by Rumble Strips or Guard Rails?

By Michael Holland -  I was tired.  It was late in the afternoon.  The sound and feel of my car running over the rumble strips on the side of the road jerked me completely awake and focused.  I immediately guided my car back into the lane. My reaction could've been a casual drift back into the [...]

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Suddenly You’re a Virtual Leader: Some Thoughts and Tips for Leading Well

By Michael Holland - In what feels like a quick moment, we are in an alternate world. Suddenly, we need to pivot and flex our leadership muscles to become full-time virtual leaders as the Governors ordered companies to have employees work remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The leadership context and environment you've been so [...]

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One Key Leadership Habit to Leverage During Dramatic Change

By Michael Holland -  Our leadership skills are being tested. Routines have changed. Ready access to leaders has changed. The methods of communication have changed or are challenged. Physical work locations have changed. It’s likely the only normalcy our employees will see is the leadership we consistently provide. I do know there is on one [...]

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6 Ways You Can Train Your Boss to Be a Better Leader

By Michael Holland -  There’s your boss swaggering down the hallway on the way to his next meeting.  He has no clue how much he doesn’t know about leading well. You’ve just completed your super impactful #Leadwell management training program and now you know just how far from a great leader your boss really is.  [...]

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New Manager With One Direct Report = Failure

By Michael Holland -  I think one of the biggest mistakes seemingly well-intentioned organizations make is promoting someone to supervision/management and giving them just a single direct report. The logic seems to be that by giving them a single employee to manage, they can learn how to lead with less risk and more time to get the hang [...]

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3 Minutes: The Slice of Time Good Leaders Leverage

By Michael Holland - Every day, there they are, these 3-minute slices of time. Some days there might be four of them, the next there could be seven. These tiny slices of time come about when walking down a hallway, waiting for a video meeting to start, during a break in a long meeting, while [...]

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Seeking and Cloning Those 4 Bright Spots of Your Team

By Michael Holland -  Looking back over the last three months, you can point to four specific times when you team was fully engaged, catching the perfect wave of energized synergy. The team was so productive during those times that the whole quarter was successful because of those highly effective windows. These are bright spots.  [...]

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