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Leadership Learning Moments

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3 Ways We Continually Fail Our Young Leaders

By Michael Holland -  Generation after generation of leaders have followed the same path: Get thrown into the position to take over leading their former peers Spend 10 or so years guessing at what they're supposed to do as a leader, and Then start attending leadership development programs which attempt to educate them on the [...]

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Summer Reading List for 2019

By Michael Holland - Great people leaders are life long learners consuming blog posts, podcasts, articles, videos and books to gain perspective and increase knowledge. Leverage your vacation time this summer with a good book! Here are 4 books I recommend for this summer. Get Your Leadership Geek On. . . Nine Lies About Work: [...]

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Are You Really on Vacation or Just Working Remotely for the Week?

By Michael Holland -  It’s a beautiful little house on the lake. With the windows open early in the morning the cool breeze comes off the lake providing a fresh feel to the new day.  The small waves lap against the shore and birds can be heard singing in trees. It’s 5:00 am and there’s [...]

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Why Performance Reviews are So Damn Painful for Leaders

By Michael Holland -  During a recent coaching session with a leader, he spoke about how tired he was having recently spent his whole weekend to get his employees' performance reviews completed and then delivered the reviews in back-to-back sessions on the Monday and Tuesday right after the weekend. In my mind I thought "what [...]

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The Potential Problems with Identifying Leaders as High Potentials

By Michael Holland -  The label of high potential brings such opportunity and promise. That young leader was thrilled to have been "identified" as high potential and excited that his perseverance was paying off. Now he's on his way to the elite club; he's going to truly be successful.  He's going to run up the [...]

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The Rituals I’ve Created to Become More Effective

By Michael Holland  Creating rituals and habits in your life enable you to be much more efficient and effective. Many studies and books – The Power of Habit is a great one – delve into the inner workings of our brain and the role it plays in creating habits. The short story is that our [...]

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Avoid These 3 Types of Unwise Leaders

By Michael Holland -  When you happen upon a wise leader you’ll notice something very interesting: They ponder. They take a moment to dive into a pool of thought as they consider a decision, a course of action or a way in which to act. The pondering may be just a second or two, or [...]

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Why Leaders Fail to Create Responsible Employees

By Michael Holland -   There’s the strong, powerful, charismatic, self-absorbed CEO attempting to guide a senior leader forward, or their team forward. After a moment or two of seemingly good leadership technique he finds his natural groove and drops the “S Bomb.”  The “do it my way because I said so” command. His order is [...]

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12 Questions Every Leader Should Ask Themselves

by Michael Holland -  What can be learned from a survey of 1,000,000 employees and 80,000 managers about why talented employees decide to stay in a job or go?  What can you learn about yourself as a leader if you looked at yourself first as employee who has a manager? At times leaders believe -- [...]

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How Are Your Employees Consuming Your Leadership?

By Michael Holland -  I was recently asked if I knew about a local restaurant.  My response was immediate.  It's a great place, a little pricey but every meal I've ever had there is great.  The food is always good and I've had different dishes there over time.  The service is great, even on a [...]

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