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The Celery Test of Your Leadership

by Michael Holland -   Two friends have recently told you that living a healthier life is very important to them. While at the grocery store, you see both friends checking out with different cashiers. One is buying nachos,  French onion dip, a 12-pack of Coke, and a box of pastries.  The other friend is buying fresh [...]

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#Leadwell Virtually Tip of the Week – Time to Reflect, Shift, Plan

It’s the end of the second quarter of the year.  Have you accomplished what you planned for the first half of the year?  Most likely not. This has been one of the most unusual 6 months most of us could have ever imagined. It’s time to step back, evaluate where you are, consider how our [...]

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6 Ways to Lead Like Albert Einstein

By Michael Holland -   While reading a biography on Albert Einstein by Walter Isaacson, I became very intrigued with how great a man Einstein was even given some of his flaws.   Here are 6 ways you can learn to lead like Einstein. Dress the Part Einstein’s iconic ruffled hair and disheveled appearance fit perfectly with [...]

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#Leadwell Virtually Tip of the Week – Staying Connected Through Exits and Entries

Life goes what seemed to be a “stalled world” for the past few months, activity is now picking up.  This also means that you will have employees who move on to find other jobs, and you will be hiring again. How you keep your team connected through these transitions will reflect your leadership skills [...]

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5 Mistakes New Leaders Make

by Michael Holland -  Most leaders take on their first management role between the ages of 28 and 32.  They are put in charge of their former peers and expected to continue producing top notch work while they take on managing the team. New to the job and with no training, these new leaders fall into habits [...]

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#Leadwell Virtually Tip of the Week – Meetings

It’s time for a check up on your meeting structure.  It’s likely that your meetings became too loose, or too strict, with the transition to working remotely. Here’s a check list of things to ensure your meetings are well balanced. Agendas are sent in advance. Time is allotted for necessary discussion without any one individual [...]

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How Leaders Can Gain Legitimate Authority

by Michael Holland  -   Do you have legitimate authority? What a great question.  Malcolm Gladwell in his intriguing book David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants, brings us perspective that we should know—or may already know—but that we often overlook. This perspective is contained in a principle of legitimacy and helps us [...]

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#Leadwell Virtually Tip of the Week – Rethinking Reentry

We now know that the “reentry phase” following the COVID-19 work from home requirements will now look more like a “staggered start” - partial teams rotating in and out of the workplace for an extended period of time. Some things to keep in mind to ensure your team doesn’t become fragmented in this next phase. [...]

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What We’ve Been Up To at Bishop House Consulting

What have we been up to? Just like most of you, the past couple of months produced unexpected change, driving us to re-think how we do what we do, and how we can best support our clients. We’ve been very busy at work and wanted to provide you with some highlights of what we’ve done. [...]

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One Habit That Will Make You a Better Leader

By Michael Holland - Many leaders are challenged with having coaching conversations with their employees. Coaching is a process of letting people know that what they do matters to you. Coaching provides direction and timely feedback. Coaching inspires, encourages, and challenges employees. Coaching should be continual.  It's small things that the leader sees and says [...]

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