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How the Golden Ratio Can Guide Your Leadership

By Michael Holland - Sunflowers have it. Pine cones have it and so do pineapples. Leonardo Di Vinci used it in his art.  Many architects and builders use it. In non-geek terms, the golden ratio is basically a math term that describes a ratio, 1 to 1.618 that is commonly found in nature.  (See the [...]

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What is Your Leadership Brand and Do You Match It?

By Michael Holland - At times in coaching leaders, I work with them on adjusting their brand within the organization. Sometimes this is a rebuild process, with the leader needing to re-brand themselves due to some difficult history. Other times it is a “build for the future” process, with the leader seeking to buildout their [...]

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How Specialization Could Kill Your Leadership Potential

By Michael Holland -  Why do we push leaders to follow a course of specialization of their leadership within tight functional silos? Why do we think a CFO who has spent his whole career in finance would be a great people leader just because he's worked his way up a ladder within the finance silo? [...]

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Why You Should Surround Yourself with Positive Leaders

by Michael Holland -  We’ve all seen him, that leader who just has a black cloud hovering over his head throughout the day. The world seems dark around him.  He is unhappy with the changes in direction of the company, changes that were announced 7 months ago. He’s discouraged with his team that appears to [...]

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Are You Afraid of Failing as a Manager? You Should Be!

By Michael Holland -  Only 1 in 10 people have the necessary traits to be great managers and lead their team to achieve excellence in ways that truly impact company performance.  That’s what Gallup finds from their research. That’s not 1 in 10 managers, that’s 1 in 10 people!  And are those talented people the [...]

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4 Questions Great Leaders Ask and New Leaders Should Learn to Ask

By Michael Holland -  The parent tells their kid that as long as they are trying to do their best, that's what really counts only to berate them when their grades aren't up to snuff at the end of a semester. The boss says he believes in a healthy work-life tension and that family is [...]

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The 5 Tensions You Need to Manage Within Your Leadership Style

By Michael Holland - Newer leaders make the classic mistake of overcompensating when attempting to adjust their leadership style.  They see the style difference as a problem to solve while they should see the difference as a tension to manage. Leaders naturally go to their strength with their approaches to leading.  It's what they know [...]

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Crafting the Story: The Critical Questions You Need to Answer as a Leader

By Michael Holland -  Great leaders learn the art of crafting the story in which employees can place themselves. The story has historical underpinnings, heroes, villains, a bit of drama, obstacles to overcome and a goal to be achieved that is just beyond the capabilities of the team but is within reach. Great leaders give [...]

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Mid-Year Check-in: 3 Questions to Ask Your Employees

by Robin Perry -  We are mid-way through the year – it’s time for a mid-year check-in with each of your employees.  While you’ve been regularly talking with your employees about their job tasks and performance, now it’s time for a different conversation – time to “re-hire” them for the rest of the year. Schedule [...]

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Top 3 Excuses Why Leaders Don’t Meet with Their Bosses One-on-One

by Michael Holland -  When I was a young manager working in Washington DC, my boss at the time began a certain tradition. Each week, she walked with me from our office, to and around the White House, and back again.  This 20-minute or so walk was spent talking about the hows and whats of [...]

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