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Human Resources: Friend or Foe?

by Michael Holland -  Leaders should know that Human Resources professionals are there to help them. Though it might not look that way at all times, HR knows that the relative strength of their leaders corresponds directly to the number of people problems they will or won’t have. One of the primary functions of HR [...]

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The Difference Between Getting Things Done and Being an Effective Leader

By Michael Holland -  A seasoned Senior Vice President appears to have it all together.  He glides through the office with ease, almost strutting with an aura of success and accomplishment. He drives projects to conclusion, he musters employees and whole departments to give more and more work effort. He leaves late in the evening, [...]

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The Critical Flaw of Leaders Leading Leaders

by Michael Holland -  There comes a point in time when leaders begin to lead other leaders. They have several people below them who are guiding teams or departments of their own, and they can see the breadth of their empire spread out before them, with all their resources working together to achieve the goals [...]

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A Trip Through the Valley of Despair

by Michael Holland -  Change is happening all the time. Modern theory on change tells us we will work through a fairly typical pattern of denial, despair, acceptance and then hopefully engagement with moving forward.  Think of it as a big U curve with despair at bottom It’s our visitation to the valley of despair [...]

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Are You Having an Impact as a Leader?

by Michael Holland -  Effective leaders seek to continuously improve how they impact the organization and those with whom they interact.  Gaining objective insight on your leadership behaviors and how those behaviors impact others can provide you with critical data to adjust your actions and behaviors. So, where do you really stand?  Are you an [...]

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3 Leadership Crams That Reveal a Leader’s Laziness

By Michael Holland -  A few years ago I joined a men’s lacrosse league.  I hadn’t played lacrosse in a quite a number of years, I but yearned to be back in a competitive game, expending all that stressful energy and feeling the rush of natural adrenaline. To prepare, I went out for a run, [...]

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3 Habits New (and Seasoned) Managers Should Be Starting

By Michael Holland -   The power of our brain to create and execute habits can be extremely beneficial or detrimental. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between the habit to walk (think about it) and the habit to grab that unhealthy snack every night.  The brain simply recognizes something being performed several times and creates [...]

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Why Leaders Waste Time and Work Longer Hours Than Needed

By Michael Holland -   There’s the young leader slowly walking in the door to work at 7:50 am.  His face reveals the agony he feels on this Friday morning as he’s worked so many hours this week just trying to get ahead of the workflow for his team and himself. He’s in for a 10 [...]

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Why Less “Sanding” is Needed with New Leaders

By Michael Holland - Recently I was watching one of those home remodeling shows and the host was showing off the before and after shots of wood trim in a house.  To do it right, they had to put in a lot of work to strip down the layers of paint that had been applied [...]

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It’s Not Your Fault You’re Not an Effective Leader, Or is it?

By Michael Holland -  It's not your fault that you're not really an effective leader.  You've put your time in to get educated. You've worked hard to move up into the ranks of management. You've put up with those bad bosses and countless ridiculous corporate directives and still delivered on the work you're charged with [...]

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