Routines keep us going, give us a framework to get things done.  They are basically our schedule of getting things done.

With recent changes – new routines were created spontaneously – now it’s time to evaluate and see if your new routines are working.

Key Questions to Ask Yourself

As you look at your day and your week, are these the daily and weekly routines you want and need? 

You’ve created new routines and have survived the first several weeks of WFH (work from home).

Now, what would you change?

Do you have the right touchpoints with staff, individually and as a team? 

With the rush to WFH you setup a lot of touchpoints with your employees and team.

Do you have too many and need to “back off” in some frequency now that we’ve gotten into a new pattern and things have settled?

Do you have the right routines around what needs to get done? 

In a “crisis” situation, focus needs to adjust to short-term goals.

Are you accurately focusing on the next 2 to 4 weeks, with clear goals and deliverables?

Are each of your team members clear on what those are and what they need to attend to?

Do you have the right routines around non-work activities? 

Work and home have blended more than ever.

What are those things you want to get done outside of work that this is the perfect opportunity because you have to be home?

Create a routine – a schedule for those activities.

And, for those who are juggling work, home schooling and parenting throughout the day, be certain to support the variation in routines they are working to create.