360-Degree Feedback Survey

The Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders is not just any 360.  It combines the best of 360 with the simplicity and power of DiSC®, plus strategies for improving effectiveness.  The result is a 360 experience that’s more productive and satisfying.

No confusing data dumps: 363 uses clear visuals and a conversational narrative to explain the data and make the report easy to use.
Open-ended comments are replaced with CommentSmart – a comment selection tool that provides only constructive, actionable feedback choices. In addition to making it faster and easier because raters don’t have to write out responses, it also avoids the potential for negative, unhelpful feedback.
363 gives you 360 feedback plus personalized strategies for development – telling you where to spend your energy to improve your leadership effectiveness.
Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders DiagramEverything DiSC 363 for Leaders® focuses on:
  • Delivering feedback on leadership from all workplace perspectives, broken down by group (manager, direct report, peer, other)
  • Providing insight on how raters see the leader compared to how the leader sees himself
  • Clarifying a leader’s current performance on the 8 leadership approaches and 24 leadership practices (see diagram)
  • Guiding leaders to understand their strengths and weaknesses using personalized strategies for development
Decide which leaders in your organization can benefit from this opportunity to understand their potential, and be enabled to achieve it.
Determine who the raters will be (managers, direct reports, peers and others).  Best practices research suggests (1) allowing leaders to choose their own raters, and (2) encouraging leaders to seek a broad spectrum of input (not just from colleagues who like them)
The coach will communicate details of the program to both leaders and raters, as well as a high-level overview of the purpose and the process.  All participants will be aware that the purpose of the 363 program is leadership development, not appraisal.
The online assessment for the leader consists of an Everything DiSC assessment and a 72-item Leadership Behavior section on how they tend to lead.  The online assessment for the rater consists of a 72-item section about how the leader tends to lead and a 24-item section asking which leadership practices they would like the leader to do more of.  Using CommentSmart, raters can also select from pre-written comments to give additional feedback. 
In the coaching debrief session the coach will help the leader to make sense of the data; exploring the perception differences between the leader and the raters, celebrating the strengths of the leader, exploring development opportunities and creating a personal action plan.
The coach with follow up with the leader to discuss progress and readjust goals.
See a sample Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Report
Click below to see a PDF copy of the sample assessment report

  • 25+ pages of constructive, anonymous feedback
  • A broad, multifaceted view of current leadership – both strong points and areas for potential growth
  • Intuitive, easy-to-read visuals
  • A comprehensive listing of rater comments
  • The simplicity of DiSC with the collective wisdom of some of the most respected leadership experts of our time

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