We all know relationships take effort.  “Out of sight, out of mind.”

It’s the same for our work relationships.  We need to make the effort to connect with others to maintain and build relationships.  It takes work.

We need to be purposeful in our connectedness in these three ways.

Being Purposeful in Who You Connect With

In this time of WFH (work from home), are you maintaining the relationships that you need to?

At the onset of WFH, you likely prioritized connecting with those that you had to – your direct reports, your manager – having conversations because they were essential.

Now it’s time to look at all of your relationships and make certain you are maintaining those as well.  Have you talked with your peers?  What about the people you used to pass regularly in the hallway?  What about leaders in other parts of your organization?

Being Purposeful in How You Connect

We all know it’s much easier and faster to send an email but emails rarely build relationships.

As you are thinking about the relationships you need to be maintaining  – make the effort to pick up the phone – or better yet, connect via video.   Yes, it takes effort – and that’s why it builds relationship.

Go through the list of emails you need to respond to and decide who you will call, and who you will schedule for a video meeting.

Being Purposeful in Your Conversation

We’ve encouraged you to re-assess the frequency of your meetings and conversations, now re-assess the quality of your connections.

Even more than usual, people need:

Acknowledgement – We continue to hear that most people are working really hard.  Juggling lots.  Managing home and work.  Odd hours.  Acknowledge their efforts.

Encouragement – We’re hitting a lull – a bit of a valley.  Many people are tired of WFH.  Find out how they are doing.  Enjoying WFH or ready to get back to the office.  Talk about what you hope the future will look like.

Guidance and Coaching – Continue having coaching conversations.  Engage people in how their work is going, reinforce goals they are working towards, give feedback, encourage learning.

As we all know, this situation is creating new opportunities.  Take advantage of them.