Everything DiSC Sales®

Connect better with your customers…learn your customers’ needs without them even telling you what they are.

Everything DiSC Sales® focuses on:

  • Understanding your DiSC style as it pertains to selling and customer interactions
  • Recognizing your customers buying styles
  • Understand your customer’s sales drivers
  • Learning how to adapt to your customer’s style in order to have more effective relationships and higher close rates
Everything DiSC Sales® Sample Report
Click below to see a sample assessment

Everything DiSC Sales® Customer Interaction Map
Click below to see a sample interaction map

The Everything DiSC Sales Profile® is a research-validated online profile assessement. The 23-page, sales-specific report helps salespeople understand:
  • Themselves
  • Their customers
  • Their relationships

The Everything DiSC Sales® Training:

  • Our experienced trainers work with your Sales team to define their unique challenges.
  • Create a training experience that combines the on-line assessment with engaging facilitation, contemporary videos and follow up to create an environment for your Sales Team to develop.
  • Uses the newest DiSC Sales assessment, a research-validated style assessment to help participants understand the buying style and sales drivers of their customers.
  • Hands on application within the session of what they have learned.
  • Gives participants unlimited access to Everything DiSC Sales® Customer Interaction Maps, which are the perfect personalized cheat sheets to prepare for sales calls.
  • Results in salespeople who adapt their styles to connect with customers better – and close more sales.
  • Our program can be half or full day sessions, or a series of instructor-led virtual sessions.
We would be happy to contact you with more information on how you can get started in utilizing Everything DiSC Sales® in your organization.