Building Leadership Capacity, One Leader at a Time

Our Model 

We focus on building from the core out.  Creating deep self-awareness of one’s leadership style enables opportunity to build relationships, which in turn allows for the formation of cohesive teams.

  • Personal Leadership Style – Solidify your core leadership muscles, clarify the role you  play, and develop deep awareness of your personal leadership style and how best to maximize that style.
  • One-to-One Relationships – Move out to work directly with employees, cultivate and embrace new routines, and build mature, trusting relationships that engage employees.
  • Building Cohesive Teams – Expand your horizon to influence and motivate others to actively build cohesive teams.
BHC Model 

Our Philosophy

  • Engage leaders, one leader at a time, and mirror the behaviors leaders should exhibit with their employees.
  • Find keystone behaviors to change. Initial shifts in behavior start chain reactions that help other management habits take hold.
  • Seek small changes at multiple points within the pool of leaders.  These small wins create opportunity for notable change.
  • Adjust core management routines at the base level. This enables leaders to cultivate desired behaviors.
  • Encourage leaders to embrace a small, specific set of behavioral values.
  • Support leaders in learning and implementing the skills and behaviors they will need to initiate the change desired.
  • Leaders need to experience a combination of skill development and behavior change on a consistent and long-term basis that is supported by peers and others around them.