As leaders we know that we must overcommunicate during times of change and uncertainty.  We are currently faced with both.

But we should strike a balance with our communication, being fluid as the challenges ebb and flow.

There needs to be more communication but not so much that employees are overwhelmed.  A daily team huddle is great.  Having three huddles a day, not so great.

Use the old style of newspaper reporting as your guide to overcommunicating: Who, what, where, when, how and why.


  • Your individual team members: 1:1 conversations at least weekly
  • Your teams:
    • Regular team check-ins on work related items
    • Team “chats” – create regular social time – virtual coffee breaks
    • Not more than one per day
  • Your Peers: keep in touch with your peers.  You need their support and they need yours.


  • Provide updates on business, projects, changes, challenges, successes.
  • Ask about them – ask: how’s it going?  How are you doing?  Your family?  What’s working for you in this remote world?  What’s not?  How’s your home set-up?  Is there anything you need?
  • Opportunities to work together towards the common good – is there something the team wants to support? Is your company supporting a particular cause – how can your team help?


  • Where? Remember this is virtual!  So wherever you are working from these days!


  • More than you think. Plan to “see” each of your team members a couple of times a week through individual 1-1s and team connections.
  • Then add phone calls and emails.


  • Use technology – phone and Video is an essential tool.  Email and phone do not create the same connection.  Video connects people more.
  • You need to be seeing each person at least once a week.


  • Overcommunicating will help to keep people connected.
  • It will decrease the sense of hopelessness some may start to feel.

Create the Habit

Use a streak table to help track your communications as you work through the week.

What patterns do you see in the manager’s streak tables above?

Download a copy of this #Leadwell Virtually Tip and blank streak tables.