Develop the Skills to #Leadwell

People leadership takes talent, time and energy.  Make sure that you are developing yourself, and the leaders around you, to tackle the unique needs of each person on your team.

Participants will learn to:

  • Clarify the role they play as manager and leader
  • Improve management communications
  • Build mature relationships with employees and peers
  • Practice coaching skills for improving performance
  • Lead and motivate their team

Our program combines dynamic class room instruction, situational coaching and interactive sessions to provide leaders with an environment and opportunity to learn.

Become a 7K Leader

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Features of the Program:

  • Rich content developed by the area’s top leadership and organizational trainer
  • Personalized leadership style assessment
  • Facilitators with decades of hands on management experience
  • One-on-one personal coaching during the program
  • Interactive peer-to-peer learning
  • Post-program coaching session

Detailed Course Outline

DiSC: Understanding Personal Styles

  • Learn DiSC styles including behaviors, strengths and weaknesses of each
  • Increase awareness of your personal management preferences
  • Explore the influence of your management style
  • Learn a method for recognizing others’ styles and how to adapt
  • Understand MyEverythingDiSC and how it can support learning

Your Role as a Leader

  • Reflect on how you perceive yourself as a leader
  • Examine management versus leadership behaviors
  • Explore the influence of your management style
  • Explore common leadership theories and impacts of different leadership approaches
  • Identify changes you want to make in your leadership approaches

Management Communication

  • Understand the importance of all of your communication as a manager
  • Understand what you can do to increase the likelihood that your communication is effective
  • Build communication skills related to listening and active listening
  • Learn the impact of different communication methods and being purposeful in selecting the best method
  • Understand and practice packaging a message

Essential Work Skills

  • Examine your habits in how you manage your work and time
  • Explore best practices and tools related to prioritizing and managing work and time
  • Learn how and when to delegate, including critical steps to insure success when delegating
  • Create an action plan for delegating a specific task

Creating an Effective Work Environment

  • Examine the importance of the work environment
  • Understand the impact a manager has on the work environment
  • Gain insight into employee motivation
  • Identify approaches to support motivation of employees with different DiSC styles
  • Create an action plan for creating a motivating environment



Coaching Performance

  • Identify the 5 types of performance needs
  • Understand the role of a coach and the importance of being an effective coach
  • Understand how one’s DiSC style impacts the way in which you coach them
  • Understand how to prepare for and deliver a coaching conversation

Performance Counseling & Reviews

  • Learn counseling approaches when coaching isn’t successful
  • Explore the objectives and challenges of performance reviews
  • Understand how to make reviews objective
  • Identify steps to effectively crafting and delivering performance reviews

Leading Change

  • Discuss the different types of change that exist in organizations
  • Understand how individuals move through the transition process
  • Discuss resistance to change and how to overcome it