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A variety of specialized Everything DiSC® profiles have been designed to cater to your specific needs. Whether your aim is to develop teams, individuals, leaders, managers, or sales professionals, you will discover a DiSC profile that aligns with your objectives.

DiSC helps to ignite cultural transformation by empowering all people to engage, connect, and thrive in the workplace. Over 45 million people across the globe have used the Everything DiSC® profiles, making it the most recognizable brand in the world of research-validated assessments.

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Adaptive testing

Everything DiSC profiles are generated by intelligent software that uses adaptive testing. As a result, the DiSC assessment process attains exceptionally high levels of reliability, accuracy, and credibility.

Participants take an online assessment (approximately 20-25 minutes). The assessment analyzes their behavioral style by evaluating various attributes, preferences, and facets of their personality. Upon completion of the assessment, their DiSC style is determined and depicted by a dot positioned within one of the twelve distinct regions on the Everything DiSC model.

Participants walk away with a comprehensive, easy-to-read report which provides a wealth of knowledge about their style and priorities, along with actionable strategies they can employ to be more effective.

Understand yourself – and others

Beyond gaining insights into your own behavior and enhancing your self-awareness, your individualized DiSC profile will also help you understand the DiSC personality styles of others and how they differ from your own.

Your profile can serve as a valuable tool for understanding the motivators of others, adapting your responses to their styles, and devising strategies to enhance your workplace effectiveness when collaborating with individuals of varying DiSC styles.

Multiple uses

Every DiSC profile is clear, memorable and actionable. People frequently report their profile as being shockingly accurate.

DiSC profiles have multiple benefits, such as onboarding, team building, coaching and professional development, and managing destructive behaviors to reduce conflict.

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