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About Michael Holland

Michael Holland unravels the mysteries of leadership. Michael is a professional executive coach and trusted advisor to executives who seek to become better leaders and build cohesive teams. Michael’s wisdom and insight are the product of 30 plus years of leadership experience and an uncanny, natural ability to perceive the questions that need to be asked. His newest book -- The Missing Leader: One Man's Journey to Leading Well - A Leadership Fable -- is available on (

Seeking and Cloning Those 4 Bright Spots of Your Team

By Michael Holland -  Looking back over the last three months, you can point to four specific times when you team was fully engaged, catching the perfect wave of energized synergy. The team was so productive during those times that the whole quarter was successful because of those highly effective windows. These are bright spots.  [...]

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Do Your Leadership Habits Need a Wake-up Call?

By Michael Holland -  The habits we create as leaders cascade into continual behaviors; sometimes for the good, other times not so much.  We’re not entirely sure what we do or don’t do, we just walk through the day doing this "leadership thing."  We sit in the same seat each day at the same meeting, [...]

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What I Learned About Leading Well From Ballet Class

By Michael Holland -  In college I had the “opportunity” to take a ballet class for a semester with my then-girlfriend and my two very single roommates.  My understanding and experience in the field of ballet was non-existent, and my appreciation for dance as a sport was less than mature. Throughout the semester, I struggled greatly with [...]

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Collisions to Tease Your Brain and Grow Your Leadership Wisdom

by Michael Holland -   What happens when you read Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, a book about President Lincoln’s leadership of his purposefully diverse cabinet, followed by C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity, a transcription of radio shows communicating the common and basics beliefs of Christianity? Collisions in the mind that stretch the [...]

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Pedigree and Talent Are Not Always What They Seem To Be

by Michael Holland -   In the movie Moneyball, Manager Billy Beane looks to rebuild his dismal baseball team with a limited budget and therefore limited opportunity to acquire expensive talent. He decides to gamble on a methodology to look deeply at what types of players and activity he needs to be successful, which brings him [...]

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Charging Forward Because as the Leader, You Can’t Just Do Nothing

by Michael Holland -  Joshua Chamberlain found himself at the Battle of Gettysburg, leading the 20th Maine Regiment on the end of a battle line as they defended a strategic location: Little Round Top. The Confederates charged again and again and again, decimating Chamberlain’s regiment to just a few soldiers, each with little or no [...]

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The Celery Test of Your Leadership

by Michael Holland -   Two friends have recently told you that living a healthier life is very important to them. While at the grocery store, you see both friends checking out with different cashiers. One is buying nachos,  French onion dip, a 12-pack of Coke, and a box of pastries.  The other friend is buying fresh [...]

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The #Leadwell Daily Ritual: Becoming a More Effective and Happier Leader

By Michael Holland - Having worked with hundreds and hundreds of leaders, I find so many lack focus on working to become effective at leading well. The key is micro-behaviors.  Those little things that we do that have longer term ripple impacts.  The gap for most leaders comes from not intentionally creating habits that enable healthy micro-behaviors [...]

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The Traditions You Enable as a Leader

by Michael Holland -  What traditions have you created or enabled within your team or company? As a leader, you are in the powerful role of creating rituals, beliefs, values, and cultural norms by the ways in which you behave and enable behavior within others, both as individuals and in groups. Tradition sounds so impressive [...]

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The 3 Misuses of a Spotlight by Leaders

by Michael Holland  -   Are you using a spotlight or a floodlight when you review an employee’s performance?  A spotlight is directed, tight, and narrow in its focus, able to illuminate specific targets, like an actor on a stage. A floodlight is broad, less discriminating, and wide in dispersing light to see more of what’s [...]

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