Management – Leadership Training

We have worked with thousands of leaders through delivery of customized management development projects and individual leadership and executive coaching programs.  We work intimately with organizations to understand their culture and current leadership maturity so that we can build customized learning processes that are specifically tailored to the unique dynamics of the organization.  We then leverage these customized learning processes to increase manager knowledge, and require managers to practice applying this knowledge both in the classroom and back in the real world.

#Leadwell: Building Leaders for Tomorrow Training Program – A cohort of up to 10 leaders from various companies come together for dynamic, instructor-led, virtual training sessions and 1-on-1 situational coaching that together provide leaders with the environment and opportunity to learn the foundations of leadership.

Individual Leadership Coaching Program – An individual approach to leadership development with an experienced Leadership Coach who works directly with you to develop the foundational leadership skills you need to be successful. You’ll meet one-on-one with the leadership coach through a series of confidential coaching sessions.

Bishop House excels at building leadership capability within all levels of individual leaders as well as the leadership capacity of organizations as a whole.  We work primarily on-site to be in-person with leaders through training programs and coaching projects that focus on building from the core out.

We believe creating deep self-awareness of one’s leadership style enables opportunity to build trusted relationships, which in turn allows for the formation of cohesive teams.

We help leaders to seek those keystone behaviors in their core management routines which can be adjusted to allow for initial shifts in their leadership behavior. With continued practice, these behaviors become effective leadership habits, resulting in more effective leaders and greater leadership capacity within the organization.

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