Lynne Older - Project and Training Coordinator

About Lynne

Lynne brings a diverse background to her role as Manager of Operations for Bishop House Consulting.  She started her career in the accounting field, working for LeadingAge NY.  Looking for more of a challenge, she made the transition to computer programming after landing a job with Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group/DRT Systems.  At Deloitte & Touche she also garnered experience in consulting, system requirements analysis and training.  She left Deloitte & Touche to become an independent consultant and worked for several years on a large-scale software development project for the State of New York.

After taking some time off to raise her family, Lynne rejoined the work force in April of 2014 when she joined Bishop House Consulting.  Her varied experience in the areas of accounting, software development, system requirements analysis, consulting and training, as well as personal experience with photography, graphic design and publishing all work to accommodate the needs of a rapidly growing small business.

Lynne is a graduate of the State University of New York at Oneonta, with a B.S. in Business Economics.