Leadership Coaching

Bishop House’s Leadership Coaching is for those leaders who are directing leading teams/departments or are leading leaders who are leading teams/departments.

The Bishop House Coach guides the leader to explore their role, their engagement with that role, and particularly their impact upon the organization.   The leader will be expected to develop a professional roadmap outlining the work ahead for them to become more effective at people leadership.

Through interactive, situational coaching sessions, the Bishop House Coach will guides the leader in practicing leadership, building successful relationships, and applying adapted behaviors.  The leader may be expected to read an assigned leadership book, as well as articles, and other readings, to engage in the exploration and discovery of effective leadership.

Leaders leverage leadership coaching for a variety of reasons:

  • To provide leadership education.  Recently promoted leaders are hungry for information and techniques to help them understand their role in leading others. One-on-one development teaches leadership skills, techniques and methodologies
  • To provide objective mentorship and advice.  During the rapid change brought on by the promotion or new assignment, leaders desperately need mentorship and wise guidance as they seek to develop wisdom in dealing with employee dynamics and decision making.
  • To explore leadership style.  We guide the leader to better understand how they can have a greater impact on their team and the organization by adjusting/enhancing their style of leadership.

Popular Packages

Getting Started

Our process incorporates several approaches to dissect the professional life of the leader and to create action plans to which the leader can be held accountable.  Generally, most coaching projects include the following stages:

  • Assessment – Investigating and assessing the leader’s relationship with the business, interaction with key stakeholders, personal and professional goals, and leadership style.  Various Everything DiSC assessments tools such as the Everything DiSC Workplace and/or Everything DiSC Management are utilized to help the leader gain objective insight to their leadership style while a 360-degree feedback survey can provide insight of stakeholder perception of the leader’s leadership behavior.
  • Action Planning – Developing plans to which the leader can be held accountable.
  • Situational Leadership Coaching – As the relationship grows between the leadership coach and the leader, opportunities are leveraged to provide direct, sensitive coaching to the leader in varying degrees of intensity.  Using real-life situations, the Bishop House Coach works with the leader to build upon their personal leadership style, deploying new and/or enhanced leadership behaviors.

We’ve been successful working with leaders from virtually all industries and corporate structures, helping leaders to explore how best to increase their impact on the organization.

We would be happy to contact you with more information on leadership coaching.