Facilitation Services

It is extremely challenging to facilitate your own meeting, off-site, or planning session while also attempting to participate in the session as a team member.  From basic, half-day, priority-setting sessions to multi-day strategic realignment processes, we provide neutral, intelligent, reassuring guidance to help your team move forward.


Leadership retreats are one of the most important events on the calendar, yet many participants express frustration with their past experiences. Successful retreats come from having the right agenda and the right facilitator. Ask about how we can make your next leadership retreat more productive.

Specialized Facilitation

We are often asked to develop a customized facilitation agenda to meet specific client needs. From running brainstorming sessions to tackling sensitive, emotionally charged topics, our facilitators provide the professional expertise and guidance to achieve your desired outcome.


Whether you need a program facilitator, a co-facilitator to work alongside your staff, or someone to facilitate breakout sessions, we can provide the expertise you need to make your conference a success. Our facilitators can transform the most mundane of topics and can make the difficult discussions productive.


If you are like most business organizations, you have limited time and an overwhelming list of items to attend to. We can provide an unbiased facilitator with no agenda to keep everyone in your meeting focused, on time and on task.

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