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DiSC: How do I effectively manage the diverse styles within my team?

To answer that question, you must first determine each team member's style. Here’s a quick lesson on how to people read. Think about the person’s behaviors - their tendencies, tone of voice, expressions, word choice - and respond to these two questions. Question 1:  What’s the person’s pace?  Is the person more fast-paced & outspoken or more moderate pace & reflective? [...]

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Can Knowing Your DiSC Style Improve Your Summer Vacation? It Did for Me!

by Robin Perry In DiSC language, my husband is a “CD.” I’m an “iS.” Yes – opposites attract! And true to my belief that the best team represents all of the DiSC styles, for the most part I think that’s true for Jim and I. But occasionally we run into some snags that reflect our [...]

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DiSC: Comparison Reports Provide Actionable Ways to Work Better Together

If you haven’t used Comparison Reports, it’s not too late to start! These complimentary added-value reports compare two people’s DiSC® styles, providing them with actionable ways to work better together. Here are a few tips on how to leverage these reports: Onboarding Employees - Comparison Reports accelerate a new employee’s comfort level and ultimately their productivity within the team. [...]

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DiSC: Bringing Out the Best in D Style Contributors

D stands for Dominance—getting the best out of your D style team members starts with fully understanding their strengths. A Closer Look at the D Style These folks bring so much to the table: Highly driven and strong willed, they constantly look for new challenges and opportunities as they strive for Results. They are motivated [...]

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DiSC: S Style Contributors to Build Healthy Workplaces

Let's look at patient and agreeable "S" style team members are happy to give support. Typically patient and agreeable, S style team members are happy to give Support whenever and wherever they can. While they may be somewhat competitive, they don’t need to win to feel good about themselves. Instead, they are quick to share credit, [...]

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DiSC: C Style Contributors Offer Precision and Practical Solutions to Their Teams

Let's explore the conscientious "C" style team players. Employees with this style bring precision, quiet diligence, and an ability to find practical solutions to the workplace. A Closer Look at the C Style With a strong focus on Accuracy in everything they do to ensure high-quality outcomes, C style folks are willing to do whatever [...]

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