In DiSC language, my husband is a “CD.” I’m an “iS.” Yes – opposites attract! And true to my belief that the best team represents all of the DiSC styles, for the most part I think that’s true for Jim and I. But occasionally we run into some snags that reflect our DiSC styles – and one of them is decision making.

In true “CD” form – if Jim feels strongly about something, he makes a firm decision – often without collaborating with his “iS” wife. And if he doesn’t care about something, he’d rather just let me decide. For me, I want to make us both happy, and always want to talk through a decision, thinking that will help – and even with the lengthy conversation I can still have a tough time deciding.

Anticipating what could go wrong on our cross country road trip this summer, I knew our decision making styles could be a source of tension. I could see time wasted not making a decision, and I could see me being frustrated that Jim didn’t include me in certain decisions.

So how to solve this dilemma? We designated a decision maker! Each day we alternated decision makers. Not for all decisions, but when we recognized we were getting “stuck,” we let the “decider for the day” make the decision! And it worked great!

It let me “loosen the reigns” on accepting Jim’s decisions, it forced me to make some decisions without being so collaborative, and on my decision making days when I got “stuck,” my response was, “Jim, I’m deciding to let you make this decision!” (It really was a great strategy.) The funniest moment was when we were standing at a Welcome Center in Branson, MO, not being able to decide on where to stay that night. I turned to Jim and said, “Honey, this one is yours.” I headed to the ladies room and when I came out we were set for the night – and he’d even negotiated a discount!

DiSC Can Be a Helpful Tool in so Many Situations

Taking the time to know your style – and accepting what it provides you – strengths and weaknesses – truly helps. If you have a DiSC report – pull it out and re-read it. If not, click here and see a sample or take one yourself. Wouldn’t it be great if it improved your summer vacation? I not only got a nice hotel, at a reasonable rate in Missouri, I also only had to carry 3 cans of spray paint into the Cadillac graveyard in Amarillo, Texas! A story for another time. Wishing you safe and happy travels this summer!

Take Action:

  • Re-read your DiSC assessment. Or take one here.
  • Think about how your DiSC style will impact your summer travel plans. What might you want to do differently? What conversations might you want to have with your travel buddies before you pack?
  • Commit to laughing at yourself. When you see your DiSC style getting in your way – like it does for me in making some decisions – laugh, and ask for help!