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About Lynne Older

Lynne is the Project and Training Coordinator for Bishop House Consulting.

More Productive Workplaces with Everything DiSC Infographic

The quality of your workplace can be improved when your co-workers learn how to understand and appreciate each other's priorities and preferences.

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Tips and Strategies for Having a Successful Retreat

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NFL Champions on Leadership

Embed the above image on your site: Leadership Insights from Super Bowl Champions by Bishop House Consulting

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Traits of a Good Leader – Holiday Infographic

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Play the Merry DiSCember Game

Merry DiSCember! Welcome to our Holiday Fun and People-Reading Holiday Series! We've created this fun exercise to help you and your team to celebrate, build and practice your DiSC knowledge.  We have secretly ascertained the DiSC styles for some holiday characters and personas that we've all come to know.   In the graphic above you'll [...]

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