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What a Leader Can Learn From a Snowy Road and a 16 Year Old Driver

by Michael Holland -  A foot of snow provided the perfect opportunity to teach my then 16-year-old son how to drive in the snow.  He was several months into his learner's permit process and, all things considered, was a fairly good driver. To start off, we found a nice big parking lot.  “Floor it towards [...]

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The Question Sequence All Leaders Should Utilize

By Michael Holland - One of my often used warm-up question sequence when coaching a leader is: As you reflect on your leadership recently, what is one success that sticks out, one way in which you were leading well recently? And conversely, what is one thing you did as a leader that, upon reflection, was [...]

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Polar Vortex Leadership Experience

by Michael Holland -  A few years ago, I was moving my daughter out of a temporary apartment during a polar vortex.  The temperature hovered somewhere between 1 degree and minus 4 degrees, either way it was too darn cold.  And then there was the wind that drove that temperature even further down below zero. [...]

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The Question You Need to Ask Yourself as a Leader

By Michael Holland - I've asked the question countless times and more often than not I get the same basic answer.  The question: who in your past has been a great leader, someone you can visualize and model your leadership behavior after? A few moments of staring off into space ensues while they think back [...]

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The Value a Peer Leadership Network COULD Provide

by Michael Holland -  A leader can often feel quite lonely as the day passes into the evening.  The "to do" list is still too long and emails await responses.  A recent employee issue weighs heavily on the mind.  Tomorrow’s calendar is already full with back-to-back meetings. Creating and cultivating a network of peer leaders [...]

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Reading List for Your 2018 Holiday Vacation Time

By Michael Holland - Great leaders are life long learners consuming blog posts, podcasts, articles, videos and books to gain perspective and increase knowledge. Leverage that driving or flying time – or get away from the in-laws time – this holiday with a good book! Here are 4 books I've read and recommend for this [...]

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4 Things Leaders Should Do to Finish the Year Strong

by Michael Holland -  In life, as in sports, we do well when we practice like we play. In other words, if we practice desired behaviors in ways that mimic how we’d behave in real situations, we will prepared to fully activate those behaviors at game time.  We will have created muscle memory. As we [...]

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Leadership Lessons from a Book I Shouldn’t Have Read

By Michael Holland - The book wasn’t intended for me; I was definitely not the target market for the author. My daughter was telling us how much she liked the book and it clearly had a positive impact on her which was intriguing. I’m a firm believer that for leaders to lead well, they need [...]

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What Your Invisible Leadership Badge Reveals About You

by Michael Holland -   “Character is the will to do what’s right even when it’s hard.”  Andy Stanley I love this definition.  It clearly articulates the tension that exists for a leader who can see the right ways and wrong ways when he is called to make a decision and pursue a particular path. Only [...]

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