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4 Things Leaders Should Do to Finish the Year Strong

by Michael Holland -  In life, as in sports, we do well when we practice like we play. In other words, if we practice desired behaviors in ways that mimic how we’d behave in real situations, we will prepared to fully activate those behaviors at game time.  We will have created muscle memory. As we [...]

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What Will I Do When I’m Faced With This Situation

by Michael Holland -  As a leader, you may ultimately be faced with a situation that you never would have believed could happen. A leader is charged with so much responsibility and often has little training or wisdom to deal with the challenges that life can bring. The list below contains real situations I, or [...]

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Reading List for Your 2019 Holiday Season

By Michael Holland - Great people leaders are life long learners consuming blog posts, podcasts, articles, videos and books to gain perspective and increase knowledge. Leverage that driving or flying time – or get away from the in-laws time – this holiday with a good book of podcast binge. Here are some of my recent [...]

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Adjust Your Leadership Paradigm: Fire Yourself to Gain Perspective

By Michael Holland -  We all can get caught up in our self-perception regarding how important we are in our leadership roles, as well as the effectiveness we enable within our organization as fairly decent leaders. Leadership effectiveness is dependent upon your capability to leverage relationships to achieve goals.  The depth and breadth of these [...]

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3 Ways to Lighten Your Leadership Luggage

by Michael Holland We all carry around an invisible piece of leadership luggage. Some stagger under the weight of a huge steamer trunk; some lug an old suitcase, bursting at the seams; others shoulder a backpack, ready for the big hike; still others sling a svelte messenger bag casually over one shoulder. Inside each piece [...]

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The Power – or Impotence – of Your Leadership Habits

by Michael Holland -  Habits follow a fairly predictable pattern of a cue (or trigger, craving) which enacts a routine to achieve a reward. A habit is the brain’s efficient method of decreasing power consumption. Think about personal habits you perform all the time:  brushing your teeth, walking, reading a text message after hearing the [...]

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Questions to Prompt Your Leadership Reflection Muscles

By Michael Holland - Since December 17, 2014 I have been writing a journal entry for each day. Each morning I write about the previous day. Then I get to read what I wrote on the same day each of the previous years in my journal. This habit has helped me to gain tremendous perspective [...]

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How the Golden Ratio Can Guide Your Leadership

By Michael Holland - Sunflowers have it. Pine cones have it and so do pineapples. Leonardo Di Vinci used it in his art.  Many architects and builders use it. In non-geek terms, the golden ratio is basically a math term that describes a ratio, 1 to 1.618 that is commonly found in nature.  (See the [...]

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What is Your Leadership Brand and Do You Match It?

By Michael Holland - At times in coaching leaders, I work with them on adjusting their brand within the organization. Sometimes this is a rebuild process, with the leader needing to re-brand themselves due to some difficult history. Other times it is a “build for the future” process, with the leader seeking to buildout their [...]

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How Specialization Could Kill Your Leadership Potential

By Michael Holland -  Why do we push leaders to follow a course of specialization of their leadership within tight functional silos? Why do we think a CFO who has spent his whole career in finance would be a great people leader just because he's worked his way up a ladder within the finance silo? [...]

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