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Emerging Leader - Management Training Program

To lead well requires insight to and development of your leadership style while learning and adapting key management behaviors to build one-on-one management skills. Our program combines dynamic class room instruction, situational coaching and interactive sessions to provide emerging leaders with an environment and opportunity to learn. . . This program starts soon!

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About Bishop House

Bishop House Consulting is the premier leadership development and organizational consulting firm working with companies in New York’s Capital Region and Tech Valley. Founded by Michael Holland in 1999, the firm has grown steadily, maintaining trusted, long-term relationships with clients. Bishop House coaches, trainers and consultants are well regarded as thought leaders in developing effective executives and managers, building cohesive teams, and navigating organizational change.

Bishop House Consulting, Inc. (BHC) excels at building both leadership capability within all levels of leaders and the leadership capacity of organizations. The firm works with leaders through training programs and coaching projects, focusing on building from the core out. We believe that creating deep self-awareness of one’s leadership style enables opportunities to build trusted relationships, which in turn allows for the formation of cohesive teams. We help leaders seek those keystone behaviors in their core management routines, which can be adjusted to allow for initial shifts in their leadership behavior. With continued practice, these behaviors become effective leadership habits, resulting in more effective leaders and greater leadership capacity within the organization.