William Moulton Marston

Harvard-educated psychologist, lawyer, inventor, writer, woman’s rights activist and super hero creator William Moulton Marston had a career that was impressive to say the least.

He had several claims to fame.  He developed a lie detector test in the 1920s which later evolved into the modern day polygraph.  In the 1940s he created the first female superhero – Wonder Woman – the subject of a current box office smash.

And Marston’s research and findings about the measure of human behavior and consciousness led to the theory behind the development of the DiSC profile, utilized by millions of people around the world to build more effective relationships at work and at home.  

Everything DiSC®

Over one million people experience DiSC each and every year to help improve the quality of their workplace and interactions with others.  Whether white-collar, blue-collar, or no-collar, Everything DiSC® can help anyone communicate and interact more effectively with others.

What is Everything DiSC Key Words
The Everything DiSC® family of products:
  • offers solutions for individuals at any level of an organization
  • includes a variety of assessment tools for growth throughout your career
  • is time-tested, extensively researched
  • is innovative and transformational
  • is used in more than 70 countries around the globe
Insightful Profiles…
  • spark meaningful and purposeful discussions that begin with understanding oneself
  • put assessment insights into action
  • create empathy and understanding of other styles
  • help individuals develop a broader understanding of themselves and their relationships, explore their potential and build more effective relationships
Why Everything DiSC MapWhat’s in it for you and your team?  Everything DiSC®…
  • provides a common language to help teams understand one another and work better together
  • acts as a springboard for conversation and team building
  • improves employee and workplace communication
  • helps you to understand people who aren’t like you…or are too much like you
  • reduces conflict and avoids misunderstandings
People prefer DiSC when…
“DiSC® is a much simpler, universal language that has been successfully employed internationally. I believe its success is due largely to the fact that it is uncomplicated and easy to interpret, remember, and apply to individuals and teams.” — Training consultant, Minnesota, 10-year facilitator of DiSC® and MBTI
“With our clients that use MBTI we’ve found the complexity to be a barrier for the short time frames organizations are demanding. The new circular maps in Everything DiSC® help people ‘get it’ more quickly and remember it better than ever.”  — Team development consultants, Pennsylvania, 20-years experience in assessment-based training
“The Everything DiSC Comparison Reports® give you a competitive edge over MBTI. This is how you apply the learning. It’s a vital component to the program.”  — Former Director of Extension Programs, Pennsylvania, 6+ years of experience with MBTI and DiSC®