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The Potential Problems with Identifying Leaders as High Potentials

By Michael Holland The label of high potential brings such opportunity and promise.  That young leader was thrilled to have been "identified" as high potential and excited that his perseverance was paying off.  Now he's on his way to the elite club; he's going to truly be successful.  He's going to run up the ranks [...]

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What if Mother’s Day was a Performance Review?

by Robin Perry So every May we celebrate our Mothers. We tell them how much we love them and show our appreciation. As a mom, it’s a day I’ve always enjoyed - and honestly feel as if I’ve earned! I work hard all year long to support my family and make sure our household runs [...]

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Performance Reviews: Don’t Look Back!

by Robin Perry The dreaded performance review! There are very few managers or employees that look forward to performance reviews. But maybe that’s because they are focused in all the wrong places. Instead of focusing on the past – looking back at last year - shift your focus. Focus forward! Where is the organization headed? [...]

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