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Quote – The Truth is Always Your Friend. But Be Wise – Leadwell.Today

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Quote – Great Strain Creates Defining Moments – Leadwell.Today

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What I Learned About Leadership From Ballet Class

By Michael Holland In college I had the “opportunity” to take a ballet class for a semester with my then-girlfriend and my two very single roommates.  My understanding and experience in the field of ballet was non-existent, and my appreciation for dance as a sport was less than mature.  Throughout the course, I struggled greatly with manipulating [...]

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6 Ways You Can Train Your Boss to Be a Better Leader

By Michael Holland There’s your boss swaggering down the hallway on the way to his next meeting.  He has no clue how much he doesn’t know about leading well. You’ve just completed your super impactful emerging leader management training and now you know just how far from a great leader your boss really is.  Instead [...]

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Stop Being a Wimpy and Dishonest Leader

By Michael Holland I worry at times that the gap which exists between leaders leading well and those who won't is growing wider and deeper.  Recently I re-watched the TED Talk  "Why Good Leaders Make Us Feel Safe" by Simon Sinek.  In the talk, Sinek inspires with stories of how true leaders provide a circle [...]

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The 5 Ways You Let Down Your Team When You Retire On The Job

By Michael Holland One year left.  That’s all.  Then you can you can retire or start the new role in the division or go to the blah, blah, blah opportunity.  You’ve been laying low and avoiding all conflicts within the team you lead.  No sense starting a battle with so little time left.  No sense [...]

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Human Resources: Friend or Foe?

by Michael Holland      Hey Leaders, Human Resources professionals are there to help you.  Though it might not look that way at all times, HR knows that the relative strength of their leaders corresponds directly to the number of people problems they will or won’t have.  The primary function of HR is to build [...]

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The Rippling Impact of Dishonorable, Narcissistic Leadership

by Michael Holland      When an employee makes a dishonorable decision, they create small ripples of hurt.  When executives make dishonorable decisions, they hurt whole organizations of people as well as those with whom the people interact.  Hundreds if not thousands of people are impacted. There’s a standard to which most of us hold [...]

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Charging Forward Because as the Leader You Can’t Do Nothing

by Michael Holland     Joshua Chamberlain found himself at the Battle of Gettysburg, leading the 20th Maine Regiment on the end of a battle line as they defended a strategic location: Little Round Top.  The Confederates charged again and again and again, decimating Chamberlain’s regiment to just a few soldiers, each with little or no ammunition.  [...]

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Are You Using the Information Pipeline for Good or Evil?

by Michael Holland      Part of the art of leadership is the give and take of that information which is not common knowledge.  There's a barter of sorts which occurs between leaders as they share bits and pieces of information they know, or sort of know, or are conjuring up as they piece together [...]

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