Help Robin to write her book!

I am writing a book that will be a compilation of letters to managers.  Your experiences are valuable as I will share them in a way that can teach others.

Below I have provided different formats for your “letter to a manager.”  The first is an open format to write whatever you would like.  It could be anything (thanks, praise, suggestions, constructive feedback, etc.) to a manager you’ve worked for, or with – or to anyone who ever has managed or ever will.  Don’t worry about wording, format, organization, etc. – letters will be edited for flow and “fit” – what is valuable to me is the sharing of your experiences.

The second format is a short response format for “notes to a manager” where you can share your thoughts about your experiences with a manager as it relates to a certain topic.  I have provided some suggestions for you – or you can create topics of your own.

You are invited to share your story in whichever way works better for you (or both)!  Please be assured that all information submitted will be confidential and anonymous.  I will change any information that identifies you or an organization.

Thank you for sharing your story!