#Leadwell – Building Leaders for Tomorrow

Participant Form

Our 8-week leadership training program is aimed at supporting new and maturing leaders and focuses on:

  • Clarifying the role you play as manager and leader
  • Improving management communications
  • Building mature relationships with employees and peers
  • Practicing coaching skills for improving performance
  • Leading and motivating your team

It is our experience that participants find greater value in the training when a sponsor – their direct supervisor or an internal mentor – is engaged with the learning experience.  Your sponsor will also be asked to fill out a brief survey before the training.  Twice during the program, Bishop House Consulting will facilitate a meeting with you and your sponsor.  These meetings are intended to create a dialogue regarding expectations for the training experience as well as post training.

As preparation for the first of these meetings, please complete the information below.  Once completed, you will be emailed a copy of your responses.  Your sponsor is also completing a form re: goals for you in the program.  Please exchange responses with your sponsor prior to the program.


Company Name




Please take some time to answer the following questions...

1. Briefly describe your position. What area of the operation are you responsible for? How long have you been in this position? How many employees do you supervise?

2. Briefly describe your level of involvement in hiring, disciplining, and conducting performance reviews of employees.

3. What is your greatest challenge as a Manager/Supervisor?

4. What do you hope to take away from this training?