Team Development

The team development process includes a sequence of facilitated team sessions allowing the team to first explore and assess their current state, then construct new behaviors.  Over several months, the team practices the new behaviors, working to build stronger relationships and create a team environment that encourages growth and success.  Assessments are utilized to help team members objectively understand both perceptions of the team and personal communication styles.


Specific activities build on understanding the individual’s DiSC style and focusing on building trust between team members, resolving conflict, and building commitment to the team and its members as a priority.


Our program leverages two books during the program – Five Dysfunctions of a Team and Crucial Conversations.  A team assessment is administered at the start of the project and a comparative team assessment about 11 months at the end of the team project.


Team debrief sessions are intermixed throughout the project to encourage situational learning and make the learned behaviors stick.

Click here to see a sample team assessment report.

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