Accelerate New Leader Integration

82% of leaders fail in new positions because they didn't build partnerships and team with subordinates and peers.

The successful introduction of a new leader can sustain or enhance a team’s effectiveness. Unfortunately, it often takes a long period of time for a team to learn about its new leader and to reach a common understanding about expectations and operating style. This can present challenges to both the leader and the team.  When a new leader assumes the responsibility for an organization, the transition often…

  • Can take six months or more for a group to decipher a leader’s preferred approach and to work effectively together
  • Will be a “hit or miss” process
  • Tends to be an individual or 1-1 learning experience
  • Often causes employees to hold back until they feel secure

Objectives of a New Leader Integration

  • Accelerate the transition of a new leader.
  • Set expectations and get issues on the table early on.
  • Create an open climate to deal with potential mis-perceptions, issues and conflict.
  • Shorten the amount of time for leaders to add value.
  • Build the trust and relationships more quickly between the leader and their team.

New Leader Integration Process

The team and leader are facilitated through a process of discovery to learn about each other. Generally, a new leader integration follows the process below.

  1. The facilitator pulls the team together to develop a snapshot of 1) what they believe they know about the leader, 2) what questions they have for the leader and 3) what concerns they have with the transition.
  2. The leader reviews the perceptions, questions and concerns under the guidance of the facilitator
  3. During a facilitated session, the leader meets with the team to affirm/clarify the perceptions, to answer the questions and to address the concerns.
  4. The leader develops an action plan based on the results of the sessions and reviews the action plan with the facilitator.

New Leader Integration

New Leader Integration

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