by Michael Holland

A leader is developed over time, just as your body develops.  A healthy lifestyle and eating well will produce a healthy body, spirit and outlook.  The same can be said for growing your leadership wisdom.  Investing time, energy, and focus on your leadership capacity will yield leadership wisdom.

A healthy leadership menu might consist of the following:

  • Read any chapter of a current best-selling business book.
  • Coach a Little League team.
  • Sit in a busy restaurant and study the interactions, conversations and facial expressions of the staff.
  • Every day, write down one thing you accomplished during the day that makes you proud of yourself.
  • Carve out 15 minutes from your schedule this week for “thinking” time.
  • Have lunch with someone who you find difficult to work with.
  • Meditate upon and visualize yourself in a successful leadership interaction/event.
  • Ask a peer for feedback.
  • Volunteer for one hour a month somewhere . . . anywhere.
  • Pick a process/team interaction point to analyze this month.  How would the CEO assess the item?

Start building your leadership wisdom today!