“I don’t need to learn anymore.”

A statement I hope I never say – and a statement I hope you never say!

What happens when people engage in learning? They get new ideas, they have new perspectives, they try new approaches….all good things. Now take a moment and think about the last time you purposefully sought out learning. Not the last time you learned something new – that’s easy. New information comes at us all the time. But when was the last time you intentionally set aside time to learn. For many it was too long ago.

So Why Does This Matter?

Well, if learning sparks new ideas, increases perspectives and identifies new approaches – not learning keeps people stuck. And here’s what I see….most people don’t know that they’re stuck – because everything is good. Everything is going along smoothly. But good isn’t great. Good is actually stuck! My challenge to each of us is how you can be great.   How you can make what you do – and how you do it – even better!

If you’ve talked to me in the past year you’ve probably heard me talk about a 5 month program I went to at George Mason University in Virginia. It took time, effort, money – and a lot of work. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Taking the time to invest in myself – learn – reflect – try new approaches – I’m not sure there was a downside. But it took effort. I didn’t have anyone saying, “Robin, you need to be better.” In fact quite the opposite – all was going well. But I recognized I could do better.

My Challenge to You

My desire is that none of us be satisfied with good – and always desire to be better. So my challenge to you – what are you doing to learn and grow – intentionally?

How are you “pausing” in your busy, hectic life, to learn more?

Or are you satisfied with saying, “I don’t need to learn anymore.”

If you’re a motivated leader, consider joining me for your own learning opportunity. I’d love to support your becoming great!