By Michael Holland – 

Somewhere today, within a 60-mile radius of Albany, NY, there is a leader sitting at their desk with their head in their hands wondering how they can do what they need to do with their employee.

They won’t know who to ask for help.  They won’t know where to look for help.

They won’t really know what to Google.  They’ll wonder why they ever took on this role as the leader.

Our passion is that within the next generation of leadership locally, not a single leader will find themselves at that point.

They will have the resources available to them to seek the answers, to gain the guidance, to be connected with someone who can provide insight.

The best way to accomplish this mission is to raise up enough leaders who understand their role as a leader and know that deep self-awareness of their leadership style enables opportunity to build relationships, which in turn allows for the formation of cohesive teams.

If we can impact enough leaders in the right ways, they will change the way leadership is done in this area for generations.  And that will have an impact on the employees, the organizations, our economic development locally, and our communities.

Our 7K Quest

We’ve been working for several years to enable the growth of the 7,000 leaders locally who will be the tipping point of this change.

We believe that the 7K will create a generational shift in the way leaders lead and fully leverage the opportunity to impact the lives of employees and those with whom they interact.

So, what defines a 7K leader?  A 7K leader has an awareness to the criticality of people leadership behaviors and a willingness to work at being a more effective people leader.

Healthy people leaders lead teams/organizations to better health.

We see three main drivers in leaders who lead well.  They are able to define or speak to. . .

  1. Adjusting Style With Purpose – They know why there is a need to adjust their communications/leadership style and recognize the opportunity an adjustment creates.
  2. Building Trusted Relationships – They know why trusted relationships are important and what they can lead to.
  3. Continual Coaching – They know why it’s important to be continually coaching others and how it impacts the nature of the leader-employee relationship.

Where We’re At

At this writing we are at 3,898 leaders towards our goal of 7k.

Where We’re Headed

We need leaders to lead well 10 years from now; to carry the leadership load differently, more effectively.

Leaders who lead well are lifelong learners.  They get trained-up and coached-up to know/improve on the ways to lead well.

They choose each day to reveal those people leadership behaviors which have a positive rippling impact.  They choose each day how to teach and influence others to lead well.

This is how, together, we can achieve the 7K.  Through leaders who are choosing to lead well and learning to lead better.

Being a leader is a privilege.  Choose today to lead well in all you do.

As you move forward, keep these links handy. . .

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