by Michael Holland    

In a recent discussion with a CEO regarding her career path up through the finance function of an organization, it was revealed that she still maintained full functional responsibility for finance and accounting since she had chosen to not replace herself as CFO nor had she replaced her prior role of Controller.   It’s intriguing to think about how she handles the multi-level role she fulfills as the boss while at times really fulfilling a peer functional role with some of her direct reports.  For instance, when is the Controller hat replaced with the CEO hat in discussions regarding spending cuts across an organization?

Coaching Thoughts – For You and Your Peers

  • We all have tasks, projects, teams, business functions, divisions, subsidiary companies which are near and dear to our hearts for emotional or comfort reasons.  But when do these anomalies limit our ability to be fully enabled for our primary role?
  • What unintended behavioral ripples might we be initiating in the organization’s culture?