by Michael Holland     

Remember the movie, What Women Want with Mel Gibson?  The actor plays a chauvinistic executive who gains an ability to hear what women are actually thinking.  He’s amazed, intrigued, and ultimately horrified at what women are really thinking about him.  How powerful would you find the ability to hear what your employees really think about you, your management style, and your communication style?  Imagine unfiltered, uncensored, direct feedback.

Well, we can’t make that magic happen in real life.  But we can help you think through how “you” perceive your management communication style. Think through the words below with respect to how you perceive your management style. Force rank the words, with the first word being the most like your style, and last word being the least like your style.

  • Action
  • Encouragement
  • Objectivity
  • Support
  • Drive
  • Collaboration
  • Challenge
  • Reliability

Too tough to force rank those style words?  Then pick the two that best describe your management communication style.

Coaching Thoughts – For You and Your Peers

  • Using the work above, think through how your management style mixes with the natural communication styles of your employees.  Sugar and water? Oil and water? Somewhere in between?
  • Want to see a sample of a manager’s self-assessment? Check out our website to see a sample Everything DiSC Management profile.