by Michael Holland     

How are you measuring your success and effectiveness as a leader?  What scale is used? To whom are you comparing yourself?

A friend of mine was more than happy to talk about his glory days as a distinguished athlete at his school.  He was a starter on varsity teams all three seasons of the school year for several years.  While he was proud of his success, he was self-actualized enough to also reveal his balanced perspective in that he was successful in a school that was rather small when compared to most.  He understood that the ruler used to measure the perception of his success differed, depending upon the environment.

The ruler that measures your success as a leader can change over time.  It seems critically important that you be clairvoyant in determining which rulers you will use at what times.  You may very well be the best leader in your company.  But if your company is full of “leadership challenged executives,” exactly what level of success are you really enjoying?

Coaching Thoughts – For You and Your Peers 

  • To whom or what am I comparing myself to as a leader?
  • How would I perceive my leadership effectiveness if I was at XYZ company?