by Michael Holland    

Have you used Google Maps Street View in the past?  What a great way to drop in and see the actual destination of your trip.  You can see the building, the street, parking even what restaurants might be close by.

A professional roadmap helps you to document where you’d like to head in the future prompting you to develop a target, areas of focus, goals and broad actions to layout your professional trip.  Maybe you’re just taking a small trip to expand your skills a bit or possibly a once in a lifetime, cross country trip taking you on a 2 year adventure to reach that next rung in the ladder.

You should check in on your progress just as Google Maps let’s you drill down from a broad, global view to the street view.

  • Regional View – you can see your starting point, your ending point and the organizational terrain you’ll cross.
  • Neighborhood View – you can see more details regarding bends in the road, turns that will need to be made, special navigational opportunities (shortcuts, country roads, highways) all with pros and cons.
  • Street View – The real deal!  What is actually around you at the moment in time when the snapshot is taken?

Coaching Thoughts – For You and Your Peers

  • Where are you on your roadmap?
  • Is the highway really your best choice or might the country road with all its scenery build more leadership wisdom?
  • What feedback might a passer-by at street level be able to provide?