by Michael Holland     

Back-to-back meetings all day.  Family life waiting at home.  Fifty new emails that should be read today. An employee really needs to talk with you ASAP.  Leaders work hard every day.  Can you find time to donate your talents to a good cause?  Wait a minute, how on earth could you find any time to volunteer for another organization or group?

Volunteering just may provide a fantastic opportunity for you, as a leader, to gain a different perspective of your work.

  • Working for an hour serving food to the homeless could provide the perspective that maybe that work situation isn’t as bad as you thought.
  • Coaching your daughter’s soccer team might just give you the chance to try out some communication tools that could be used in your office.
  • Spending time with your church leaders on the annual budget might help you think through how to do more with less and still meet your objectives.
  • Investing your time to serve on a not-for-profit BOD might help you to develop the collaboration skills which seem to always be identified as a performance opportunity on your annual review.
  • Sharing time talking with critically ill children might help you soften your verbal and non-verbal communication style with employees.

In the end, maybe you should be asking, how can I NOT lend my time, talent and energy to needy groups, people or organizations?  The time invested could help to build your leadership wisdom and just might provide you with a little inspiration.