by Michael Holland    

Great leaders portray an image of knowing the outcome of events well ahead of time.  They seem to visualize the future and know exactly when and how to turn the motivational dials of the human team machine to exact great performance.

For the rest of us aspiring leaders, we have moments of fear – or even terror – as we attempt to grasp, understand and project the multiple variables in the dynamic workplace.  Leaders must project a calming presence and an aura of “I know where we’re going.”  But how can you bridge the gap that likely exists between just- in-time management and great leadership?

Believe Until You Believe.  You must believe that you are a great leader until you become that great leader, at which point you fully believe you are that great leader.  Make use of personal motivational techniques to inspire yourself through each day.

  • While commuting, visualize yourself in a successful conversation with a subordinate or peer or boss.
  • The moment before walking into a meeting today, speak silently to yourself three times. . . “I believe I am a great leader and I know what I’m doing.”
  • Create a small physical habit to congratulate yourself on success: snap your fingers, clench your fist, stretch your arms out and behind your head interlocking your fingers, take a hop step as you walk down the hall, fist bump (slap high 5 for the more seasoned leaders) with your imaginary mentor.

A great leader continually builds upon her foundational structure which starts with believing in her own abilities.  So walk the halls today and Believe Until You Believe.