by Michael Holland

As my friend Jerry says, you can have a bad day or bad month or even a bad year.  But it’s pretty hard to have a bad 5 years.  What is important in life is your trend line.

I submit you take a similar approach to your leadership capability.  Every one of us has a less than perfect discussion with an employee.  And there are days and weeks where we just can’t seem to find the right rhythm in leading our teams.  Heck, you could have a bad year where you just can’t get your department or whole company to be successful.

If you were to map out the components and impacts of your personal leadership capability over several years, do you see a trend line similar to the price of gold over the last 5 years or is your trend line more like that of the value of the housing market?

Here’s a hint for you:  the measure of your success is not the rise in your income, but in the growth of the asset you are charged with managing.