By Michael Holland –

Golfing is one of my favorite hobbies. A few years ago, I started looking at my scoring in 3 hole increments providing a look-back at 3 holes to see how I scored and a motivation and plan for the next 3 holes.

With this rhythm, I was able to celebrate success as it came.  I was able to assess patterns and then adjust my course of action in small moves. With just a 3 hole outlook, I was able to set reasonable, smaller goals from which I’d receive quick feedback.

Your organization might likely have you pulled into a yearly planning cycle of creating goals for the next year, then reviewing them either quarterly or half-way through the year. Or possibly not until the end of the year.

Like most leaders, you will likely replicate the same pattern with your team.

As you plan for your team’s next season, consider breaking the planning and feedback cycles to be much shorter than your normal pattern.

Consider the advantages of breaking that goal review process down to a monthly or 6-week cycle. Or, if you really want to get radical, review the goals at every other 1:1 (one on one) you have with each of your employees.

Here are 3 advantages to shorter cycles.

Celebrating Progress

You’ll have the opportunity to celebrate progress more quickly and to encourage continued diligence towards the goals.

Adjust Course in Small Moves

You’ll be able to provide small corrective changes to guide behavior towards goal success rather than having to make larger course corrections or worse, having to declare defeat on a goal.

Create Momentum With Smaller Goals

You’ll have the opportunity to break larger goals into smaller goals which has the dual impact of creating more success and creating more momentum.

You will have to follow through with the requirements of your organization.

But, you have the choice to do more than the organization demands and more of what great leaders do.

Coaching Thoughts – For You and Your Peers

  • How do you feel about reviewing goals at every other 1:1 with your employees?
  • How often would you like to review your goals with your boss? Why?
  • Why would smaller goals create more success? Grab a peer leader and discuss each other’s thoughts.