by Michael Holland     

We challenge ourselves each and every day to achieve.  Problems arise and we solve them.  Employees have issues and we deal with them.  As a leader, you expend a great deal of energy to creatively solve small and big problems.  At times you’ll find your energy level to be low, which should alert you to a need to refuel the energy.  Studies have shown that minor shifts in your perspective can provide a great deal of impact in solving problems.  New perspectives can be gained from the simplest of changes to your daily routine.  Buy your morning coffee at a different shop.  Park in a different section of the parking lot.  Take a walk at lunch.  Take a different seat in the staff meeting.

As you commute home today, take a different route.  For those who drive, take the back roads home instead of the interstate or take a route through a different section of town.  Using public transportation?  Take a different train or bus.  On the train, move further down the platform to sit in a different car.  On the bus take a different seat.  Sit if you stand or stand if you sit. Changing the scenery can provide a small spark to challenge your creativity.

Create variety in your habits and you’ll likely find variety and energy in your problem solving.