by Michael Holland    

What can you accomplish in the 38 days?

During 38 days in late 2009, Jacob Shell endured a rare transplant procedure at The Children’s Hospital in Boston.  As you might know, Jacob Shell, of ShellStrong fame, was 8 years old at the time and had neuroblastoma, a very difficult cancer.  During this 38 day journey, Jacob persevered through a 6th round of chemo (more powerful than his first 5 rounds), received his own stem cells through a transplant process and strived through the miraculous rebuilding of his body’s immunity.  Most of the time he was secluded in a sterile room to help protect his body during the rebuilding of his immunity.

Take inspiration from Jacob’s journey.  Look at your own performance as a leader and consider how you might benefit from an intensive 38 day treatment procedure.

  • Destroy Bad Habits – over 7 days acknowledge and eradicate your bad habits
  • Transplant Day – in a 3 hour, self-motivated cleansing exercise, transplant a vibrant outlook unto yourself; feel the inflow of your talents and abilities and happiness
  • Re-build – Every day for 30 days begin one healthy habit, skill, phrase to repeat, relationship, thought, action, task

Start tomorrow, or Monday, or Wednesday.  Count out 38 days on your calendar and on that day take account of how your professional and personal life is progressing.

Keep a healthy perspective during your journey.  Jacob was fighting for his life.  You’re just fighting for happiness and success.

Need some inspiration?    Read about Jacob Shell and the ShellStrong movement he inspires.