by Michael Holland    

Some people think that just having positional authority – title of Manager, Director, Vice President, etc. – will provide them the authority they need for people to listen to them and follow their directions. But having truly effective authority goes far beyond a title. People want to respect the people they report to. They want to trust them, have confidence in them, understand their actions, and enjoy their interactions – all much more than just handing out a business card with a title on it.  Leading through a title will only get a leader so far. Being respectful and sharing your expertise is a solid path to effectively influencing members of your team and gaining their respect for your authority.

Take the survey for yourself.  During the last several days, what interactions did you have with your staff and what words did you use while managing them?  Did any of your comments sound like fear-based parenting?

  • Because I said so.
  • You report to me, therefore. . . .
  • I’m the “insert title here” and. . .
  • You have to do what I tell you to do.

In what ways could you adapt your language or behavior in future situations to create respect, trust, and confidence?