by Michael Holland    

New supervisors and managers are so willing to take advice and counsel and are able to quickly adapt to circumstances and learn new ways.  Ideally, these young leaders are developing strong core muscles – management and leadership muscles.  As all leaders season through life and gain more employees, we carry on with the core set of muscles, whether or not they were built well.

Great athletes know that their core muscles provide tremendous power and stability.  Targeted, dynamic exercises learned early in the athlete’s career, as well as a good deal of continual practice pay off tremendously through time.  Unfortunately, most of the population are not great athletes.  And as spring arrives, the streets and sidewalks are full of folks working to get back in shape, practicing exercises to remind their muscles of their power.

So, what’s the current state of your core leadership muscles?  Are you preparing to get in shape?  The intensity and investment of getting your core leadership muscles in tiptop shape will differ, depending upon your leadership season of life.  As you look to get in shape, the scope of work may be more than you can handle on your own.  So consider seeking an accountability partner – a colleague or internal mentor – who will work out with you, providing guidance and motivation.

Remember: Practice builds muscle memory, so it’s much better to train a bit each day rather than to go for a marathon workout session one day a month.