by Michael Holland     

I love the reality show, Worst Cooks in America.  Self-select yourself into a process that starts with saying “Hey, I’m terrible at this” and be willing to learn in front of the world.  The cooks start at square one, learning the art and science of proper vegetable-cutting techniques, and then their training builds up from there.  What a humbling experience.

It would be great if organizations – and those who lead organizations – had the guts to create an atmosphere and culture wherein low performing leaders would have the confidence to self-select into a program that starts with the same premise: Hey, I’m terrible at leadership. Visualize it. . .a room full of leaders, ranging from a couple of directors, to some managers, several supervisors, and a whole bunch of VPs, all admitting they are in over their heads in this leadership thing.  All of them ready to learn how to be the best leader they could be.

Or maybe the visualization is an organization excelling at achieving its goals, a population of employees and leaders who are energized with their jobs and a culture of growth.