By Michael Holland    

The best approach in building a talent or leadership pipeline is to assess the potential of leaders against the level of sustained performance of them.  It is critical that both perspectives of the leader are ascertained.  The sustainability of performance at exceptional levels creates the pathway for a leader with potential to excel broadly and deeply for the good of the company.  Exceptional performance alone, however, does not indicate future success.

A successful assessment of the potential of leaders against performance can prepare you and your company to determine a succession plan for key roles. Articulating, analyzing, and understanding potential also allows the company to properly invest in those leaders who offer the greatest opportunity to achieve a high return on investment of company resources focused on building leaders.

For those you identify as worthy of investment, consider these options.

  • Advanced degree programs – executive MBAs, etc.
  • Significant special projects/assignments
  • Leadership development curriculum – internal and/or external
  • Job/role rotation
  • Mentoring
  • Executive coaching