by Michael Holland    

A recent study showed that paying someone a compliment activates the same reward center in the brain as paying them cash. So what’s the cost/benefit factor of positive feedback?  Potentially priceless. You can effectively influence behavior through regular positive feedback. It increases a person’s energy, motivation, makes people more receptive to new ideas and creates a  more positive environment overall.

Consider what you are focusing on. . .

  • Are you regularly correcting people and telling them what you want them to do differently?
  • Are you certain to balance this with positive feedback and appreciation for efforts and good results, or do you take these for granted a bit?

While positive feedback is surprisingly easy to give, it typically doesn’t happen with a great deal of frequency. Take the time to notice what your employees are doing. Be specific in acknowledging what they’ve done, sincere in your approach, and thank them! You’ll enjoy the results!

So, who’s going to get a gold star for effort today?