by Michael Holland    

By and large, most people want to work hard and feel good about the work they are performing.  Leaders are paid to guide and motivate employees.  Create the environment and atmosphere to make sure employees have the opportunity to feel motivated.

Your mood is the big stick that stirs the pot of motivation.  As you’re stirring up your employees’ emotions and adrenaline, are you creating positive or negative vats of energy?  Your employees will follow your lead in how they approach their work.  The approach and the energy applied can be inspired.  You have to make the choice each and every day.  So make the choice of positive, addictive, consistent energy.  The results will be tremendous and expected:  motivated people achieve goals.  Groups of motivated people have fun and achieve goals.

  • What helps you to build your own energy: Music? Meditation? Exercise? Not reading email in the morning?
  • Pick a measurement to describe the motivation level of your employees as a group.  Ideally, where would you like the motivation level for your employees?
  • At what level might your employees rate their motivation level?