by Michael Holland    

One of the easiest and most impactful kinds of feedback to give is positive feedback. It motivates and builds commitment and do people really ever get tired of hearing they’ve done a good job?

The first step – and this is crucial – is to notice what’s gone well. Next, follow these simple rules.

  • Make it timely – as soon as you see it, don’t delay
  • Make it specific – go beyond saying “good job” – what did you like about what you saw? How did it help? What make it “good?”
  • Make it sincere – mean what you say and comment on something that is important and will make a difference.

With the right relationship and right recognition, people will want to put forth more effort for you and you’ll be tapping into a person’s discretionary energy – that optional extra effort a person can put forth every day and decide whether or not they are going to.

Remember: People will repeat the positive behaviors you notice.

Coaching Thoughts – For You and Your Peers

  • This Leadership Learning Moment is discussing positive feedback, but could you apply the same guidelines to constructive feedback as well? Or would you need to modify it?
  • Have you ever noticed something going well and neglected to mention it? Or has this ever happened to you? How did it affect your employee’s (or your) discretionary energy?