By Michael Holland – 

Your boss is an okay guy but there are so many things about the way he leads that drive you nuts.  He’s the one who never received the training needed to get a clue on how to lead.  He taught you all about leadership through an oft-experienced yet little known methodology called “oppo-leadership” defined loosely as vowing to lead in the opposite ways in which your boss from hell has led.

Here are the 3 ways your boss sucks at leadership:

  1. Lacks Self Awareness to His Leadership Style and Impact.  He’s a self-described “type A” who gets the job done.  He believes he’s endearing, funny and charismatic.  His leadership immaturity is fully seen in his gap of self-actualization.  He does not understand how his communication style impacts those around him and more importantly lacks the intrigue and insight to seek and learn about the communications styles of others and how they prefer to engage, be motivated and sustain life.
  2. Has No Clue How to Build Trusted Relationships.  Trusted relationships are built through the active engagement of a leader seeking the bridges of communication with each employee, one at a time.  Your boss may or may not care about building relationships.  Either way the outcome feels the same to you.  The superficiality of his approach and lack of seeking to gain insight to who you are, what makes you tick and how you could be motivated creates never ending tension.   Your loyalty and engagement are buried deep inside your protected walls awaiting a time when you can feel the safe and secure environment only great leaders create.
  3. Encourages Dysfunctional Teams Though Thinking They Are Cohesive.  Through consistent, yet naïve, team meetings, your boss from hell actually fuels the fire of discontent and dysfunction within the team.  He lacks the knowledge of how cohesive teams are built through the development of trusted relationships which form the glue that binds a team together.  He misinterprets the heated conflict as healthy debate never realizing the damage that has dismantled individual self-esteem and team cohesion.  He mistakes silence as agreement with goals and commitment to results.

Great leaders are rare not because they are born as great leaders, but because so few leaders invest the time, energy and intellect to understand the craft of leadership.  Choose today if you will lead well or be one of those bosses.

Coaching Thoughts for You and Your Peers

  • Of the 3 ways listed, which strikes the deepest cord for you?  Why do you think that is?  Grab a peer manager and talk through your thoughts.
  • Make a list of the top 5 ways you have vowed to not do as your boss has done to you.
  • Are you guilty of oppo-leadership practices?  Are you the boss from hell?  Think hard about this.