by Michael Holland    

Did you know that what you are saying is not always the message you are sending? There are numerous factors that impact our communication and often create unintended messages and miscommunications as we work with employees. In face-to-face communications our non-verbal communication will have a greater impact on how someone interprets our message than the actual words we choose. Our facial expression, eye contact and tone of voice significantly influence how someone receives our messages. Use your body language and tone of voice to send the message you intend. Also, keep in mind that employees are always watching the boss. As you go through your day, you are being observed. Consider what message you are sending.

  • Do you appear upbeat and positive?
  • Anxious and stressed?
  • Confident and interested?

Be purposeful in how you interact with everyone to send the message you intend and decrease misinterpretation of your actions.

As you drive/commute home today, rewind and play back the day as if a reality TV show was taping your every move.  What do you see? Anything you’d like to edit before the show airs?