by Michael Holland    

It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s convenient, but sometimes it can create a disaster. Knowing when to hit send and when to talk with someone directly is critical to your success. Some indicators that you need to have a real, live conversation:

  • You’ve replied more than three times to the same person;
  • You’re reading a negative tone into what someone has written to you;
  • You are defensive or angry as you are writing the message;
  • You’re trying to clear up a miscommunication or interpersonal issue;
  • You have bad news to deliver;
  • You sense the person will be upset with your message;
  • You’re confused about a message you’ve received.

Take the time to communicate right. While e-mail is fast, it may not always be effective and can do more harm than good.

Try this. . . while composing some of your emails today, close your eyes for a moment and picture the intended recipient sitting in his office reading your email.  What expression does he have on his face?  Now decide if you should hit send or hit delete and either take a walk to his office or pick up the phone.